In halls of learning, we gather each day,
Where wisdom is taught in a scholarly way.
With books and pencils, we embark on our quest,
In the sacred temple of knowledge, we invest.
We enter the classroom, a world all its own,
A place where ambitions and dreams are sown.
Greeted by teachers, our guides on this ride,
Their passion for education, they can’t hide.
We listen attentively, absorbing their words,
With minds open wide, like curious birds.
Equations, theories, history’s tales,
Unfolding before us, like uncharted trails.
Each test a challenge, a chance to explore,
The mysteries of science, we eagerly adore.
Language and literature, where words come alive,
We read and we analyze, with thoughts that thrive.
In the art room, creativity’s bloom,
With colors and brushes, our talents consume.
Amidst the numbers, the geometric shapes,
Mathematics enlightens, logic escapes.
And through it all, friendships do grow,
In corridors and playgrounds, laughter does flow.
Together we learn, we face every task,
Hand in hand, we conquer our class.
For school is not just about facts and grades,
But building character, as each year fades.
With lessons learned, we spread our wings wide,
Ready to soar, with knowledge as our guide.
Rakshita Khajuria
10 C
APS Miran Sahib

Dear love

Dear love, if someday I die
Do come to say a final goodbye,
Sit beside me and look into my eyes
Don’t shed tears I’m not gonna rise,
I will not speak again how hard you try
Those who left this earth never did reply,
If you come to my funeral please don’t cry
I am a dead man now let my soul fly,
Hug me tight and kiss my hand,
It is my last day make it grand,
Burn my body but don’t burn my heart
This is where you stay my sweetheart,
My journey is over and ready is my flight
Burn those letters while performing my last rite,
Our homes may differ but I live not so far
Every night in the sky I will twinkle like a star,
When echoes of Loneliness in your ears scream
Remember by heart I will come in your dream,
Don’t get depressed and Just try to move on,
Finally We lost each other and nobody won.
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura, Miran Sahib.

Are you happy?

You are alone, gazing like hell,
Someone’s hand but you don’t tell,
The hand you need to hold,
Want to say, that you haven’t told,
Inside a huge boulder of beliefs,
Come out like falling leaves,
Fall so softly, like snow,
But what’s inside, only you know,
Working hard and doing your best,
Forgetting yourself to serve the rest.
The rest of your family’s mob,
And plans of yours that you drop.
Yanking yourself to the limits,
Time for self? you don’t have minutes.
Still delighted enough to carry on,
As you have no one to depend upon.
Who listens to the dishearted one,
Yes, you know what I mean by shun,
Time will surpass you just by a touch,
And are you happy? oh! Not that much.
Digvijay Singh