inner voice

After a long time,I began to write,
a year passed just as a single night.
In that,what life I had spent;
You never know,how harshly I regret.
The hell seemed to be easier;
having a restless and tensed sleep forever.
That incident made me much stronger
Now, I think I can face anything without fear.
You improved my small-small qualities;
but actually you changed me completely.
I don’t thought even you will reply to me;
but big thanks to you,forgiving me
atleast once.
Thanks for showing the realities of the world
that twist the people having eddy whirls.
For your each day,I pray to my lord,
that He always protects you in every storm.
I wish a healthy and long life for you,
in which success is only for you.
Wishing you a very very happy birthday,
May you have a life with just colors gay.

  let us live
Let us live
Amid our meadows,
Let the stock graze
Long leaves of maize.
Let us live below our stars
Shining above our heads.
Let the skies stoop low
To touch our raised heads.
Let the flowering plants grow
To their tall height,
Let their sweet fragrance spread
To resuscitate the weary minds.
Let us jungles retain
Their sheen, charm and calm.
Let the springs ooze
At their original pace.
Let our bids soar
High in the vast skies,
Let the bees suck
The nutritious nectar of flowers.
Let the butterflies fly
To the flowers of their choice,
Let the tourists relish
The bulging bosom of lakes,
Let us again build
The lost glory of vale.
Let the din cease
Let the peace prevail.
So what! We seek our right
Should lead to gory fight.
We aren’t to foil, defile
We are the sons of the soil.
Ashiq Hussain Rather


A wayfarer leaves his home.
Riding on his mare alone.
Catching on a tune he learnt.
Long ago he last went.
For eons did he murmur?
A song of springtime summer.
Now astride on his mare¦
He sings his muse in the air.
All flock to hear his music.
While he pipes his tune so idyllic.
In farms barren of waters.
His ditty arouses the goddess Ceres .
Merrily Merrily a nightingale
Passes his way under a veil.
She echoes his tune in the air.
While he rides away on his mare.
Enfeebled he lays down.
To rest his fertile muse.
Long he has to tread.
Till he meets his noose.
Quleen Kaur Bijral
Research Scholar
School of Languages and Literature
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Katra, J&K

People are often unreasonable
and self centered
Forgive them anyway
If you are kind,
people may accuse you of ulterior
motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest,
people may cheat you
Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness,
people may be jealous
Be happy anyway
The good you do today
may be forgotten tomorrow
Do good anyway
Give the world the best
you have and it may never be enough
Give your best anyway
For you see, in the end,
It is between you and God
It was never between you and them anyway
O N Dhar
Lane No. 1, House No. 3
Upper Luxmi Nagar, Sarwal, Jammu


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