inner voice


Story of an open wound

That day, me being a clumsy fellow, Hurt myself with a knife yellow.
I was just cutting a lemon ,
While doing my cooking experiment .
The lemon felt like jumping away,
As it it was getting late .
That’s when I cut my finger ,
That too in the season of winter.
My soul just came Outta my body ,
As the knife hit my finger sharply .
That’s when I shouted at top of my lungs ,
As if I had seen an evil dangerous.
That’s when everyone came to see me,
I don’t know why they became angry .
They claimed it to be just a small cut,
While me having an expression on my face like what !!
I’m alright now,
with a wound on my finger,
When in contact ,
with lemon or salt , it just triggers.
That’s when I cry out usually,
While everyone around me treat it casually .
I’m just waiting for this open wound to recover ,
So that 1 could do anything without any fear.
That was the story of my open wound ,
Though it may sound to you a little loud.
Mannat Sabharwal





I washed down the toxin with something sweet,
Yet the taste remains on my tongue,
I painted over the black with rainbow colors,
Yet It’s shade stands unfazed,
My blood turned poisonous and runs as venom in my veins,
I got used to the pain,
My darkness is no longer background noise but an act that took center stage,
I can no longer drown the racket or hide the stains,
They are far beyond subliminal,
I’ve tried hard to let the light become my strength,
But I’ve never had enough of it to keep me straight,
And so I bend my spine along with the words I tell my brain,
I tell it “its okay”,
And my brain being mine will believe this bended truth only partially,
But that’s all it takes,
It will dive into the delusion cause that’s the home it craves,
And who am I to object?
My scars are stories my ink can not display,
This is to say, not everyone will know them,
But my scars can not bend,
And those who see them will know the truth of the
corruption between paper and pen,
They will deem me a liar,
And I will tell them…they are right….
-Reetain Raina (Jain Bazar)


Our actions rebound


As the time
Has run full circle,
Our actions rebound
Bringing about a change
For good or bad.
Getting over the status quo
We develop and grow
Bigger than before;
Understand things better
And the life deeper!
Surat Singh