inner voice

Meet your friends

The older I get
Few friends I met.
Love your friends more
Than money instead.
Fear not death
Do some social service instead.
Live life carry no regrets
The older I get.
Get, set and go
Live life full
Live every moment.
Lost finer moments
Back one would never get.
The older I get
A desire remained unfulfilled
Why did I not meet friends
This was the regret.
When in pink of health meet more and more your friends
Than to later regret.
Weak I become
The older I get.
Remember god
Meet your friends
Have no regret
The older you get.
Col Parmjit


Being a human, that’s life

Even a doctor becomes patient at several times.
Even the person giving birth dies one day.
Even the latest revolutionary trend fades with time.
Even the youngest person in the family gets old with time
Even the viral fashion gets outdated with time
Even present turns into past
Even your favourite motivator gets demotivated at several times.
Being a human, that’s life
– Sahaj Sabharwal




One moment I thought of holding
my breath and then ripping and yanking my rib cage into two .
other moment, lacerating my breastbone to see that hollowness and that strange burn gnawing at me .
The mind and heart are not in sync,
the former telling me,”you’re loved and to feel loved are not the same thing .
Alas! these thoughts love to play and replay,
putting sel-fove at delay,
and showing “anxiety” the way.
Manisha Charak