inner voice

Friends for a phase


Once we were good friends nearby
Now not even getting time to wish Hi
Interacting from homework help
Till the discussion of concepts of self-help
Once those calls were in prioritised list
Now there is a need to search you in my contact list
That was also a phase of life
When you came to mark a historical moment in my life
That way how classmates converted to good friends
Now it’s the reverse from good friends to just classmate friends
Life changed, friends changed
New friends found but characters exchanged
Life took us to different ends
Once upon a time we were good friends
– Sahaj Sabharwal


‘ Our daughter ‘


It was already decided,
And as we were guided,
We got all the preparation,
But it was an operation,
Within ten minutes of time,
They had done a great crime,
All my stars were in place,
As it was first time, I saw her face,
She opened her eyes,
And she was actually a surprize,
Surprize for which we had waited,
And she’s what we had created,
A cute human and my girl,
For us a beautiful pearl,
Everyone came to greet,
Her cuteness starting from her little feet,
Sounds of crying and her smile,
Her hunger make us run back from a mile,
We are always available to her,
We are no more like we were,
Thankful to God who brought her,
And gave us our daughter!!
Digvijay Singh Billawaria


Keep walking

In spite of the hatred
Arrogance and abuse around,
Shall ignore, keep walking
With boots on the ground.
It’s dark and YOU smile…
Like a blooming bud,
A magnificent lotus
Glowing in the mud.
While sailing in the sea of
Uncertainty and fire,
Expecting faith and friendship
Is your utmost desire.
Let time follow
The trail of happiness,
Steering through
Spirit and consciousness.
-Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz (Jammu)