inner voice

Celebration of Womanhood


Don’t consider a woman weak
Infact, she is very unique
A pillar of strength and bundle of joy
Laden with beautiful traits, a great mystique
Hymns are written in her glory
Past is full of her fame
She fulfills the void of happiness
Without her is incomplete, every home
She has given birth to kings, knights and saints
Her immense power is without any constraints
A river of joy is flowing within herself
She pours love to others without caring for self
Even God has chosen her
To bring forth His creation
After enduring labour pain
She gives birth to a life without demanding any certification
She is also great in adaptations
And coming upto one’s expectations
Without demanding her own happiness
She tries to meet other’s aspirations
Ignorant are those, who consider her weak
Her recognizable qualities are infact very unique
So celebrate her womanhood, celebrate her existence
As this world is nothing without her assistance
Nodoubt she is a powerho use of immense strength
Still much more is needed to be done
By empowering her in whichever field,she is lacking behind
No battle will be left by any nation of the world to be won
Anu Gupta




Long back in 90’s a family is blessed.
When a snow boy is born with twinkle in his eyes
completely white dressed.
People look at him with their eyes wide open,
They scratch his cheeks like he is a gift coupon.
Looking into his eyes, they think he is a miracle,
But soon his mom realised, he needs spectacles.
He went to school hoping he will fight all barriers.,
Teachers trolled his family saying he has no career.
His mother broke down,
eyes full of tears,
But she hid her feelings
with a smile and cheers.
His life became a curse and he decided to quit,
But again came his mom,
like hope in a dark pit.
She held his palm and reminded him of his goal,
God is with you don’t worry, just play your role.
What is your eyes are weak ?
your vision should be strong.
It’s enough to touch the sky,
think big and jump long.
Anirudh Singh Kotwal




When the mind is empty
And the brain is dead,
Have you ever thought about
Why this happens to ourselves.
When there is a ringing in your ears,
And a storm in your eyes
Do you just sit there ,and
think about it for a while.
When the cries have stopped,
And the screams have faded
But you still hear that voice,
Screaming all the lies.
And all you do, is try to
Shut them out ,but
What can you do, when
The voices don’t let you out.