inner voice

B’Cause dreams don’t drown in tears

The belongings scattered,
A heart shattered.
Couldn’t think of anything else
That really mattered.
All I wanted was a chance;
You stole my heart, I’d to apprehend.
But saw you as a lifeless bundle
Jesus, I couldn’t comprehend.
Water escaping the cage of my eyes
Reminiscing, letting out sighs
The melancholy killing me inside
Oh, this poor mortal slowly dies.
A tedious day, a caliginous night
No doubt I felt so low
What’s behind the smiling face despite?
No, you’d never know.
Oh, beloved, where’d you go?
Your darling loves you, don’t you know?
It’s never easy to forget
Even harder to go with the flow
Yet devastation and despair will
continue to upset.
So what you can’t change, let it go.
B’Cause dreams don’t drown in tears
Oh thus let go of your fears
Just let them disappear.
Come let go of your fears.
Pranvi Pandita




When I walk down the hall
I see everyone talking to each other
I feel so small
My feet don’t go further
They are talking to each other
But I feel their eyes on me
My feet don’t go further
And my eyes can’t see
And my lungs can’t breathe
My existence
What does it mean?
For instance
If I cry, who’d ask me where I’d been?
If I cry,
Who’d save me but myself


Art of Living


What people call me is a, life artist
Becoming which is the hardest.
Someone who brings life to life
Who cuts sadness like a knife,
And knows exactly how to avoid a strife.
Who cares about it’s definition?
Let’s get this straight.
Dive into the world of your imagination
Where no one has to hate.
I have a few friends,
Real ones.
They do nothing that offends
Cause I love them tons.
I don’t envy, I don’t hate
If something happens, that is fate.
Acceptance is the key,
And hardwork is the fee.
Who said it is impossible?
To lead a life that’s phenomenal,
To make your say uncrossable
And make everything possible
People call me a life artist,
I know becoming this is the hardest.
I’m more of a person that’s forgiving,
Because I know the “Art of Living”
-Aashvi Nargotra