inner voice


What I do is, you should know
That’s my love for nature in flow,
What I see is, what I felt,
I love greemy, I got melt
Look at everyone’s face
That’s actually a race,
I know you will do it right,
But with dedication and endeavour not with fight.
You should be very affectionate towards the trees,
That’s my supplication, accept it please,
Wonder it can be a great deal,
You should know it, you should feel.
To save the God’s gift become a tool,
Don’t be silly, don’t be a fool,
Being a nemophilist is not that much tough,
Be a soft hearted, not a rough.
Values are there,
Don’t you dare,
Nature must be cared,
That you must be aware.
Become a sympathetic citizen,
That’s your inner voice and it must straighten,
You should do it and must be done,
Give it a try it will be fun
Tanisha Thakur
Delhi Public School


Why can’t you be real?
O my imaginary friend,
The nights seem too heavy to pass,
And days too long to pretend,
That I am happy being alone,
That I don’t need anyone,
But I search for you in every face,
When all is said and done,
And when I open my eyes,
I find disappointment instead,
You don’t exist in the modern world,
You just live inside my head,
But what if I don’t like the ordinary?
And expressing this feels like a crime,
They say my thoughts are unreasonable,
And they say it everytime,
And the way I crave for unreal love,
Makes me wonder if they are right,
But even though fantasy is so much better,
Reality is something that I can’t fight,
My mama says it’s okay to think differently,
But I find it easier to pretend
And it will hurt me more to acknowledge the fact,
That you can’t be real, my imaginary friend.
Nausheen Padha


In an uncousicous mood,
I don’t need loyalty to survive,
I just need is a pen to write, with
For my tears which are no more in eyes.
I am not injured or wounded,
So don’t question me about my health
Living in this unconscious mood,
Is now a dream so don’t crash it.
I want to store my tears in that pen,
O God please convert tears into ink,
So I could write, I have to write,
Otherwise I will be conscious and dead.
Nasir Roshan Khan
Nowshera Baramulla.