inner voice



The day was stormy,
It was a scary journey.
A family was in fear,
But no-one could,them hear.
With a heavy heart, adults started waiting for the end,
Help from someone for something no-one could even expect.
After so long, got relieved from arduous and hard,
However, it was not the permanent comfort zone.
Again clouds began themselves gathering,
Then started thundering and lightening.
In the vast and deep ocean,
Everyone filled with confusion.
Children were also very much injured,
By remaining calm,they showed their patience.
Children came to their parents,
With a courageous note.
Told them they are not afraid as they were altogether,
Just asked them to read a prayer.
Motivated by their children,
For them,they did same as they said.
After a while, clouds began clearing,
Sun rays began spreading.
However, by a miracle or prayer,
Slowly slowly every difficulty settled down.
Atlast, Everyone took a breath of joy,
Then started hugging each other and cried..
Bhumika Lakhotra
SP Smart School, Sarore



When the mind is empty
And the brain is dead,
Have you ever thought about
Why this happens to ourselves.
When there is a ringing in your ears,
And a storm in your eyes
Do you just sit there ,and
think about it for a while.
When the cries have stopped,
And the screams have faded
But you still hear that voice,
Screaming all the lies.
And all you do, is try to
Shut them out ,but
What can you do, when
The voices don’t let you out.