inner voice



I looked at the mirror,
And I saw someone,
Who wasn’t me,
I looked so pale,
My eyes dull,
My wrists looked too fragile,
While my eyes shined with tears,
I always hide.
I looked at the mirror and
Saw the one you made,
Now that I realise,
I lost myself,
I can’t find traces of me,
I can’t see my smile,
Can’t even see myself,
I wish I had once cherished deeply.
The mirror looked so familiar,
Beautiful, decorated with shells,
How ironic was it to see,
That my own reflection seemed to
diminish its beauty.
I see someone you made for yourself,
Someone the society made for themselves,
I’m not happy though,
I want to go back to being me,
Who was silly and goofy,
Angry and confused,
Sweet and caring,
I want to look at the mirror,
And lock eyes with myself again.

Reetain Raina
Jain Bazar


Diamonds and Gold


Sweeping down from the sky
Like a blessing from God
Came the Crystal like rain
Like jewels shining as it fell upon me
Beaituful droplets washing away all my worries
And making me carefree
The rain lifts a burden from my heart
As I dance under it , full of joy without a care in the world
But is leaves as soon as it comes, leaving my world again
Oh rain won’t you come back again
Vishwambhara Singh


All on My i Pad

A deep ocean full of wickedness and woe
I try and try to make my way out
Out or the sinful and corrupt ocean
As hard as I try I keep falling deeper and deeper
I realise it’s to late
And wish if I could turn back the clock
And make sure the light defeated the dark
But then instantly I see a splash of light again
This time it’s filled with more stronger feeling of love and affection.
As I try to move closer towards the light
It wraps me with its blanket of calmness and peace
And whispers in my ear
Don’t worry, I will always be with you
As your mom and dad