inner voice


You are my pain curing,
You are my thoughts hearing,
You are my progress rising,
That’s why soul of mine is good..
I am trying to be good,
Don’t worry I am like developing wood,
I am trying to do my best I could,
But you are behind me & walks to extent you should,
Without your help I was not able to stand,
That’s why soul of mine is good..
You are my bene factor,
And doesn’t let me lose hope,
That’s why soul of mine is good..
To score the highest marks,
And to get good remarks
You always advised me to do my best,
And after that take some time to rest,
That’s why soul of mine is good..
Sahaj Sabharwal.


Last Goodbye

Abusing and fighting, accusing, and denying
I can’t believe that I’m still with you
You say that I’m worthless
You say that I’m wretched,
But I failed to know why?
I locked myself in the bathroom
Drowning myself in my sorrows
Heaven seems to be so far and yet so close
I can hear your voice in my head
Waiting for the nightmare to end
There’s so much smoke in my mind
And you’re accusing me all the time
I hear the sound of an ambulance
I’m begging them to let me die
I’m begging them to let me end this nightmare and go to the afterlife
I can feel the demons coming
They’re taking me home
So, this is a goodbye for the first and the last time
-Arushi Rai


A Risky Trade


I had an epiphany that in our lives,
Everyone will treat us differently.
We might drop down at their level,
However, it’s not the best place to be,
Don’t let others control your mind,
Even if things don’t seem alright,
Don’t let the vicious forces at play,
Break your heart and dim your light,
When people are too mean to others,
Of course it’s best to take a stand,
But sometimes without any prior conditions,
We can try lending a helping hand,
For quite sometime I reserved my kindness,
For only those who were kind to me,
Little did I know it wasn’t trade,
That this is not how it is supposed to be,
As the moon doesn’t shine for only those,
Who sing its praise all the time,
And the sun gives warmth irrespective,
who greet it at the morning chime.