inner voice

X- Mas


At the end of the year,
X-mas is round the corner my dear.
To commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus,
the spirit of festivity is in the air.
Carols, choires, masses,
churches’ bells,
songs of jingle bells you get to hear.
All houses, markets, malls and churches
are in the best of festive wear.
Find stars, X-mass trees-symbols of Lord Jesus
decked up with gifts, tinsels and light everywhere.
Children waiting excitedly for
sumptuous food, gifts, cakes and
holidaying is a distinct affair.
Small kids, young and old
cladded in Santa Clause dress
can be seen everywhere.
Festival is not about rejoicing, greetings, celebrations and cheers,
Lord Jesus’s teachings-sacrifices, kindness, love, being
compassionate are to be adhered.
Wipe everyone’s tear and bring them cheers.
Serve the humanity without any fear,
even if you have the sufferings to bear.
In nutshell, the true spirit and message of Christianty
is to love, care and share.
Enjoy X-mass festival,
whether you are in this part of the globe or there.
Asha Mahajan


My Krishna


Had I ever met you,
I would hold onto that memory sourvenir,
Till I met you forever,
Till I be with you.
I breathe you in, you Pulse Within.
Had I ever took in,
I was Your’s forever.
I was eternally in you.
You are the warmth of Sun.
and the hue of vine bloom.
You smile at me through that stranger woman.
And tickle away all my gloom.
That twinkle in the gaze of innocence is you.
Till I met you forever, till I be with you.
The drooping branches of old willows on river banks,
Steer my thoughts along wht wavelets.
Deliver them onto the leichdart Pine on
Yamuna Banks.
Stir them with the trill of your flute swaying on wavelets
That blue black cloud watching over, amused, is You.
Till I met you forever, till I be with You.
Someone said you live beyond constellations,
I have been marking milestones and destinations,
Ever Since.
On black starry sky.
Wondering if you ever drive by.
Blessed are the eyes who see You in dreams
For me, dreams of such dreams are yet dreams
Till I meet you forever, Till be with you
I will bide my time and pay due
My Krishna.