inner voice

‘You are mine, I’m yours.’

Dream with your eyes closed
Hold my hand in your hand
Feel the warmth
The warmth of love
Embrace the joy
The joy of being together
O love, my prince charming,
You live in my poetic delights
A pearl you are
Shining aglow with happiness
Radiant and precious
Let me keep you
In the oyster of my heart
Let’s bloom amidst
All the thorns
Let’s cherish every moment
Let’s spread the fragrance of love
For you are mine, I’m yours.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.




The most powerful warrior
Almost wanted by everybody
No one be can buy it
But it can be spend by everyone
Although familiar with the fact
Still misuse it without any regret
Wrong impression on students of wasting time
Disturb their health and studies
Day passes by
Night also goes
Everything ends at a moment
When not used accurately
No choice other than feeling guilty
As Time never comes once gone
Manage your time
Since time doesn’t have much time
To give us time.
Bhumika Lakhotra
Miran Sahib, Jammu


A Foe

Greetings to everyone,
The day hasn’t started;
yet I am ready
Full of zap, zeal and zest,
Because soon
I will be in everyone’s nest.
So here I start my day,
As I will meet a lot of people on my way.
As I await the future of mine.,
Wall clock struck at nine.
O! Look it’s time for human start,
And I will be pushed in one dart.
So, there comes bustling crowd
Shouting for fruits and veggies aloud.
Soon all the vendors take me out,
Pack and clip me with no doubt.
I am so strong, tough and mighty,
People forget to dispose me rightly.
Now its time for milkman’s arrival,
Whose milk is vital for survival.
But humans don’t know
I am there biggest rival.
Now, I find myself in the market place,
Among the groceries, pens and tapes.
In the hands of elders, girls and boys,
Kids have me in their toys.
At a corner glance, I see my friend
Jute my buddy is placed at the end.
People like me and keep me near,
I’ll degrade the earth, I swear
Biding you adieu, for its time to rest,
As tomorrow I will again go in
everyone’s nest.
-Shubhima Abrol
Class 9th
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School