Inner voice


An open vast land lay in front of my eyes,
Not a single soul visible on the ground;
Nor a bird in the magnificent red skies.
Shatters of houses lay on the ground,
Remaining living souls hid themselves;
Too afraid to make a sound.
The happenings were terrible,
Terrible enough to traumatize any self.
And the horrible memories will linger
in the hearts of those who dwell.
So many lost their parents,
So many lost their progeny,
So many lost their beloved ones to this human- caused tragedy.
Humankind was killed,
Peace was strangled by the human,
And yet the greedy mortal has not learned his lesson.
Human body will be demolished,
And nothing remains for long,
For time is superior; it will engulf all.
And yet the mortal believes; that he is God,
He may have caused devastation and he may have caused wars.
But dare not he forget,
That time heals all.
For history is the erstwhile proof
that friendship leads to peace,
and jealousy leads to war!
Prachi Motiyal
(Jodhamal Public School)


“Because I’m locked-down’’

I saw the grainy old pictures and relieved them all.
Each one I remembered, I made a call,
I gaze at the sunsets like never before,
I come across all those things. I used to ignore.
I’ve started writing, which I had left back then.
Out of all the burdens, I’m feeling my innocence again,
I’m spending time with myself, which I never did,
I’ve realised I never grew up, I’m still such a kid!
I adore the velvety blackness of the sky,
I wonder how peaceful ! Giving it a sigh,
I observe nature, as if it’s a riot of something.
I’m locked-down, yet it feels I’m on a swing…
Eya Khajuria



My mom is like my medicine in pain,
She is my moonlight in the dark sky,
A drop of water in my barren heart
Eye of my blessed mind
Words in the ocean of my mouth.
Voice of my throat
She is within me like my soul
Swasti Gupta
Jodhamal Public School




A night walk
I glance up at the sky
The moon shines bright
In her full glory
I gaze at her
Silver and tranquil
She is magic and mystery
Accompanied by her
She lights my way
I come across a hare
Her presence protective
I admire her
Pretty in white
Shujai Shaminotra