Don’t give up!!

I can see the pain in your eyes
I can see the hurt, the loss…
I can feel the tremor on your voice
I can fell the sorrow behind your smile
I know you’re trying to hide it
I know you’re trying to deflect it
I hear your heart beating so fast
I hear your soul crying out aloud
I understand you want to cry and shout
I understand you are masking it from the crowd
Don’t hold your emotions, let them go
Don’t hold your tears, let them flow
The longer you keep these notions inside
The longer they will make you hurt
Open your eyes, Face the reality
Open your mind, Change the reality
Make every tear that falls down your eyes
Worth the pain, worth a price
Fight for whatever that’s wrong
Keep moving forward keep striving along
Don’t you ever give up, Don’t remain quiet
You may slow down, you may rest
But never step aside, never walk away
Hold on, you will know what’s it all about
Remember, there’s a silver lining on every cloud !

Liza Bhatti


2020 proved, yet again,
we humans are just a pawn,
in Nature’s larger scheme and plan!
From across the continents,
Covid -19 has played havoc,
making no distinction –
of any caste, creed or clan.
Millions, the invisible virus, took into its fold,
be them of any gender, young or old;
Dears and nears have been lost,
minds and hearts left with deep scars;
and, the kith and kin feeling aghast.
Now that the dreadful year is finally gone,
thankfully, leaving many lessons to recall;
A new page in the planet’s calendar is turned on.
Hopefully, as well, for one and all,
paving the way for a new dawn –
of good health, happiness, more wisdom,
and a better future in times to come !

Ramesh Manvati

Year consumed

A year consumed,
In tears, fears and losses,
Some personal, some of the masses,
I stretch my arms,
Beyond these deserted passes,
With an eternal desire.
To find some greener grasses,
The Valley of Chinars standing still,
Withered on outcry from the lasses,
This hue and cry may travel up the heavens,
An angel in disguise is pilling up our corpses,
Thee and me ruing at fortunes,
Let their futile schemes be taken for tosses,
An unruffled kid rejoicing at home,
Ah ! The triumph of shunning the classes,
So much of our intellect,
So weary of 4G bosses,
The world is united, yet some crosses,
I marvel at an old saying,
Is it a cup full or the half glasses?
Ardil Majeed