inner voice

A Staunch Ship

Ill lit expanse overhead and beyond,
Embacing the familiarly scattered moondust.
Prodigious mountains in the distance
Toppling over each other,
Reaching their limits into the endless void.
Upfront lay the tumult of waves,
Smashing unforgivably
Into mismatched hues of sand
Tossed and thrown without warning.
Sturdy sails steered the way,
Wailing gusts of wind sang.
The oak structure keeled vulnearbly
Like a frail branch in autumn storms.
The safety of port is comfort at sight.
Nevertheless, ships weren’t built,
Weren’t destined to stay
Hidden in the mother’s womb.
Riya Kharyal


Cricket is my hobby, it is my passion. Its the game which I play often;
I wan’na hit a six, catch a ball, make
a century and dismiss a batsmen;
I have dream not one.
Cricket is my hobby, it is my passion, I wan’na
be the team’s caption.
I am in the building which is round and
round called the ground.
Three stumps to which the ball bumps
gives thousands of goosebumps.
A retcangular road in the middle called
the pitch; its the area where the batsmen
tries to hit a six. Its the area where the
batsmen tries to hit the three sticks.
2 men station apart wearing a helmet and many guards, running in the pitch and scoring runs.
It is very rough and tough like a dry cough.
Cricket is this, not like your wish, I love it.
Cricket is my hobby, it is my passion;
I have a dream not one.
Gavnesh Ganjoo
K C International


You are the spark and love of my life!
You are the inseparable part of my flesh
You are the sea in which I am mingling like a wave
You are the first and last inspiration of my life
You are the shadow in my silhouette
You taught me to live and to struggle in this world
You are like a flickering light in the dark that dim sometimes but never vanishes
You are my anticipation and optimism of my life
You are just one of the innate parts of my life
You are roots of tree that holds me tight
You are the indispensable part and special bond of my life
You are my first and last love
You are the reason to smile and to spread happiness
You sacrificed everything for my life
You never asked for any return
You made me an individual and that’s you achieved liberation
You are none other than my “MOTHER”
You are the spark and love of my life…!!!
Priyanka Gupta
Department of Languages
and Literature SMVDU, Katra