inner voice


Save the girl
as she is a pearl
Groom the boys,
Girl are not just toys
teach the boys not to make fun,
Let the girls shine like sun
They slaughter the girl’s by rape,
by sealing the mouth with tape
Don’t reduce her to ash,
Just for the sake of cash
How can you question the character of a girl
She is a diamond, she is a pearl
Don’t pollute the mind
And ways are to be find
So requesting you all to be little kind.
We don’t want more Nirbhayas
And Lakshmis to cry
Now I have to say good bye
Touch the sky and fly so high
Devye Hansvahini


I looked at her
Her lovely smile and that
beautiful face
She looked like a Goddess
Or probably someone from space.
I lost my conscience,
To a moment of stillness
I loved her a lot-
I had to confess.
But destiny had,
something else for us.
I tried to make her mine,
and tried to change the time…
I knew not what I did,
and committed an err thus.
I was losing her to someone,
her memories made me cry;
For that day I had learnt-
My moon had descended from the sky…
Akhilesh Magotra


Saffron for sacrifice,
White for truth and
Green for faith.
Soldiers make a sacrifice to
keep up their nation’s head,
Truthful should be a citizen’s
faith in blood that soldiers shed.
Nation India, the country of
Sacrifice, truth and faith.
Saffron, white, and green remark:
Sacrifice for country,
Follow the path of truth for country,
Keep faith in your sacrifice and
truth for country.
Prachi Motiyal
Jodhamal Public School

Mysterious Planet

Sometimes the world feels small
and suffocating
Sometimes the world feels big
and breath taking
Earth revolves and rotates around the sun
Hasn’t been fully discovered by anyone
Mysterious planet!
Five seasons envelope around it
First comes a cold breeze followed
by a deep freeze in winter
Then its like sitting in a frying
pan in summer
Golden brown leaves fall
from trees in autumn
In spring flowers bloom
And its all dripping wet in
sad monsoon!!!
Geet Kaur Kundra


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