inner voice


2019 is coming, it’s coming
with lot of hope.
It’s impact is such that we
are holding it with a rope.
There’s a lot of happiness,
there’s lot of bliss.
And sorrows are now getting a miss.
Life will change for better
and will bring good thoughts.
Everyone will share the
amount of happiness they have got.
New year will bring opportunities
that everyone desires.
And desire to succeed will
give us more fire.
There is a prayer to Almighty
that 2019 be good.
It should serve humanity
and serve brotherhood.
Happy New Year is my wish to all.
Everyone should succeed
be it big or small.
Sahildeep Singh Raina

          THE GLARE

On a starry night,
Under a thousand stars I sit
I sit and stare,
In the vast sky to a bright glare.
It fascinates and hypnotises me
I gaze at it with utmost glee.
I curl my body in a ball,
Not afraid of the cliff so tall.
I sit and stare
and stare and sit,
Totally transfixed.
Is it a star?
Or a planet so high?
Floating above in the vast sky!
I stared at it, until it disappeared
Was it just my imagination?
Prachi Motiyal
Jodhamal Public School



I can’t hide it,
I can’t find it.
Its within me but without me,
Its somewhere deep but inside me,
Its nowhere but everywhere,
Its nothing but everything,
Its right here; I can feel it;
Oh no! I can’t miss it!
Searching the invisible seems miserable,
Until you know what you will find-
But the only thing I want to tell you here,
Everything is inside you
Everything inside you is unseen.
Ayushi Bhat
Class 10th
KC International School

It all starts within!!

With each passing day she realised,
Not all her wishes would materialise;
With each person she came across,
She realised not everything needs to emboss;
With each conversation she learnt
There are many emotions
that needs to be burnt;
From every weather that changed,
She knew her thoughts could not be ranged;
With all the intuitions that she had,
She knew atleast her god was glad;
With each hurdle that she faced ,
Her belief got firmly embraced;
With all the tears she had shed,
She realised some things are better unsaid;
With all the decisions she had taken,
She realised the importance of being broken;
With each dream that she saw
She feared having any flaw;
But she always knew to do her bit,
And work for the joy of it;
She always knew she had to be strong,
And firmly reject the wrong;
She always knew she had to be selfless,
Because she does not owe it to
anybody but herself;
Atlast in her mind she had to win,
Because it all starts within !!
CA Surbhi Arora


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