Inner Voice (23-10-2022)


In this life
I once felt hope.
I sometimes still believe in this,
but each moment a little less.
I feel abandoned in my despair,
and it’s difficult to repair.
I get broken each day some more,
keeping these emotions in my core.
I find myself hiding behind this smile,
the one that shows my denial.
I have thoughts of lonesomeness,
which no person should possess.
I camouflage this so well;
it feels like I’m in hell.
I hurt on the inside,
trying to push these demons aside.
I want something better,
to not feel all this terror.
I know it can be manageable;
there are things that make life tolerable.
I just cannot find the thrill,
like when I was a child with a one dollar bill.
I remember when dreams were imaginable,
now it feels like I’m undoubtedly fallible.
I wish to find myself soon.
This feels as if I’m trapped in a cocoon.
I would like to hatch,
not be so detached.
I need to end this coldness,
before death leaves me soulless.
Reetain Raina
(Jain Bazar)

We can’t be perfect !!!

What will I write,
Keeping aside my internal fight,
Trying to keep myself calm,
By remembering your charm,
Let’s remember our start,
When lonely was my heart,
Your came like a ray of light,
And we both avoided our fight,
Then came a phase,
And we both started to chase,
Our flaws and mistakes,
Ending up with headaches,
After that,
Alot of talk and chat,
We accepted each other’s views,
Loved each other without excuse,
The commitment we’re showing,
And the love with which we’re flowing,
Is teaching us to respect,
By remembering we can’t be perfect.
Digvijay Singh Billawaria


One stormy day
I was sad, wandering to find solace
Then upstairs I went, I went, I went
To meet the clouds, which
Always seem to be approaching
I abscond from my room abstained
Myself to reach beyond the clouds
But to my surprise
My day was acclimatized
I was happy again
As I reached beyond the clouds
Silence was abstruse
There were stormy gaze
Wind blowing in despair
But in that dark I saw a white puppy form
That made my day
As I reached beyond the clouds
I had my wings
I was no more in pain
All I felt was happy rays
Realized that no more storms had come across my way
As I reached beyond the clouds
Manya Sharma
Class : 12-B