Inner Voice


Everything is going in vain,
All my efforts,
All my thoughts,
On the journey to find myself.
Everyday I started is,
Full of worries and over thinking,
Not going to take me anywhere,
On the journey to find myself.
More I think about it,
More I get restles.
The more I am thinking about myself,
More I am making myself useless.
On the journey to find myself.
Ignorant of the fact that
Nobody is responsible for,
From where I am going through.
Except myself.
On the journey to find myself.
All I need to believe is,
That the real me,
Isn’t low anywhere.
Just lacking focus and acceptance.
On the journey to find myself.
But soon I realized
The journey is not to find myself.
It is about what I wish to be.
I am on the way of losing myself.

Neha Kotwal


Trust yourself, have faith in you
You do not have to trust
anyone as you always do
People make you look like a fool
This mostly happens in school
Whenever you trust someone
Just give them some time to trust you
I do not understand why people cheat
Don’t they know that God can see?
Trust in your vision
Your dream will come true
Take right decisions
To achieve what you want to do

Aryan Suryavanshi


Life a rollercoaster of all the turmoils…
Some are good some are bad..
In this journey we met some jerks…
Some who gave us wounds and some
Who helps us to heal those woundsss…
But above all they give us collection
of memories…
Some become a part of ur bful camera eyes
While rest we want to wake up with amnesia
So those memories will erase
From concsious mind
That is life its as clear as daylight
If it has a rosary of bful moments
Then there will be some darkened knots of sadness

Akshita Sharma


Sitting in the car, with moving wallpapers
and excited heart,
I was like a five year old kid
who was getting her bicycle of dreams.
Reached the airport and passed
through security check,
my eyeballs moving here and there
looking at the strange surroundings.
Waiting for an hour seemed waiting for
a year at that uncomfortable seat.
Gazing through the glass windows,
I saw my dream.
Excited, blushing, anxious, impatient,
getting all sort of mixed feelings.
Stood there for a while seeing the plane take off.
Now it was my turn.
Climbing the stairs of the plane
with heavy steps and greeted like a VIP,
I entered.
Got a little bit trouble in finding the seat,
But that didn’t stand for a long against my feet.
I fastened my belt and the plane accelerated
suddenly thrown back by the fast and unexpected speed, I was stunned and saw wheels disappearing and the clouds appearing,
I was flying, my dream was flying.
Little bit scared by the sight but that adventurous episode was my First Flight

Vasundra Goja
Roop Nagar Enclave,


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