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What I think of You

 What I think of You
When I’m not there.. do you think of me?
When you’re sad and something’s
bothering you..
Do you wish I were there
to help comfort you?
When you’ve had a long hard day…
Do you smile knowing that soon you’ll be seeing me,
And everything will seem better, even if it’s just for a moment?
When you lay down at night…
Do you look back and cherish the new memories you’ve made with me?
And when you get up in the morning,
Does everything inside of you smile,
Knowing that this will be another day that we’ll be together?
Because that’s how I think of you…
Anikait Gupta
Sarwal, Jammu


The day and night long chaos
Either head or tail in a toss
Still have options to choose
Some good deeds , or lose
Sorry , but that’s the only rule
Just a spark , to burn the fuel
Won’t get a chance to be alive
This is the only time to revive
To fix all , which can’t be the same
Step ahead , looking back is just lame
Hold the hand , to get through this
May be last chance , so don’t miss
Leave it back where it started
Remember the time being bastard
Choice is yours buddy , make a move
Come be a part , there’s enough room
And live the life out of the box
Cheers to us , vodka on the rocks
This is what life is all about
Ups and downs , no arising doubt
Hope you got it , got to go now
Just to look for another you
Till then , good bye
See you soon !!!
Anil Rajgotra
NIT Srinagar

Shade of a Shadow

The light always fade
But I belong to a single shade…
I’m a dark shadow
I ain’t a sweet mellow…
‘M never being a dastard
I don’t change my tone…
I cry when the evil dawns
Cruelty and terror arise …
Spurning even a single change
I fancy to be the same,
Hell yeah! They made me insane…
I always keep a smile
Persist journey of a thousand mile…
They always want me to look for ’em
But I don’t lose my cool for ’em…
I enjoy the obstacles they add on my path
Adoring myself for removing those shafts…
Nothing is ideal in this world
So love yourself for what you are …
We all are phenomenal, this you should know
Don’t hold the misfortune of fading away…
Be a noble shadow
Continue the legacy of being who you are..
Never change
For other’s sake…
‘Coz shadows are dark,
They don’t fade but mix with the dark…
The light is temporary, it fades
Dark never lose the only shade…
Never ever try your best
To make shadow go for rest…
No matter how harsh the society be,
Adore yourself for what you would be…
Aashish Sharma
A.P.S. Akhnoor


Little angel grows up
To be beautiful girl
She is like a treasure
full of smiles, laughter and love
Her beauty does not lie
in makeup or lipstick
Beauty lies in her lovely smile
Her smile is innocent
She is a gift that God gave to her parents
She is the princess, every
mother and father would love.
Mehak Raina


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