Inner Voice (19-09-2021)


A withered soul thousand times,
Still searching for some little hope.
Abandoned and lost, trying her
best to be rescued.
Lied, backstabbed, broken,
stuck in the abyss,
Screaming all alone with
a wish to be rescued.
Will any one come to fix this poor soul?
Tuyba Fatima Bhat

A Spark Within Me!

I don’t know what it is,
All my ambitions locked,Can I get the keys?
Falling deeply…deep in the ocean,
Of sleepless night and teary eyes.
Relations bounded forever with trust,
But I don’t know where they cam rush!
Held me for years without making me stumble,
And created a havoc,now I do fumble
Can you see?
The rage inside me.
Can you see?
The heart burning inside me.
Can you see?
The pains you have given to me.
Can you see?
What your doings have done to me.
You gave me wounds, I will give you scars.
You have lit a spark, I will ignite a fire.
You thought of me as a pearl, but I am a sapphire.
I’m a master of my own
Ambitions and Desires!
Tanveer Kour


Open your eyes to see “around”!
The world in which you are bound…
Life is journey that will take rest
Don’t stop! Until you become the best.
Life teaches lessons, life teaches things,
But it has joy more than the swings.
Life is a sea, which is too deep.
But it has end, so it will sweep.
Life is a candle that is very rough
Oh man! Smile, it will surely snuff.
Life gives reasons to smile, to cry
But remember! One day you will fly
Hey dude! Don’t stop and do every stuff
Show life that you are brave enough.
Sorrow is a journey not a destination!
Come on! You will get sorrow’s elimination.
You are beautiful the way you are
Your success is near and not so far.
Mehvish Noor
Gujjar Nagar, Jammu