inner voice

A Border Resident


Sitting in the corner and shuddering
in his house
Afraid of bullets and turmoil
Thinking of the future of his little child
What will happen to her and  her smile.
Looking at the pale face of her mother
Take a deep sigh and  ask his brother
Our future is not what we think of
What we will do and where we settle now
Education, health and values of
the children are down
They are not getting they need
to be and  are  in  frown
Their eyes gloom and they groan
Prowling  due to sudden firing
His house in  chaos
and members praying
The village crumbled and
the people in confusion
Perhaps, this is the life of Border
People who are still musing.
Sunil Sharma



I was sitting on a bench in the school,
thinking and dreaming like a fool.
I was sitting alone,
like I was in a dark zone.
I was a new comer in the school,
and wore a hand knitted sweater of wool.
That was my lucky sweater,
Knitted by my nani, her granddaughter.
There she came and sat beside me on the bench, pulled her bag in wrench.
“She is just disgusting “, she said,
and looked over ahead.
“What happened ? “, I said,
” I had a fight with my friend.”, she said.
I told her not to get hyper ,
and to become polite and happier.
“Would you like to be my friend? “,
while dreaming I said.
“Of course I’ll be your friend ,
and sit in the class together.”, she said.
Slowly -slowly we became good friends,
and we now are still friends.
We have fights,
but again become friends.
We are friends from past eight years,
and now also stay together and cheers.
In between we were separated
due to different class,
but still we stayed together
in lunch break in class.
Our friendship will never end,
that’s what stuck in my head.
Ikmancheet Kour
Jodhamal Public School


Where did my love go?
Where is she gone?
Just for a truth
She left me alone.
The moment when
She left
My eyes became wet.
She was the one
Who made me laugh
After her
My life was drought.
I know was a fraud
But after knowing truth
Why she became so hard.
Just for a truth she left
But I want her in my life
Again and again
-Wakar Azeem
Distt. Ramban

Just Walk

Walk walk happily , all alone
through the strange joyous tone
listen to all those lovely silences
far better than the bloody violences
the dull shine of the stunning dawn
we’re done , have left nothing to pawn
forget all those , long tough dealings
all those things with absurd meanings
don’t remember the unknown faces
almost killed you , with the blunt aces
look there , my friend , a beautiful hope
out of here soon , just hold the rope
the sun going down ,
the breeze passing bye
come join us dude ,
they all are saying hi
don’t stop ever , just enjoy the talk
life is too short Neil , find a hard reason
To ” Just Walk “. ?
Anil Rajgotra
NIT Srinagar


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