inner voice

My Father


Father be faithful,friendly and fair,
Always be loving, Always be there.
Thanks for the love you have shown,
The words of encouragement i have known,
Thanks for showing that you care,
And that you always willing to share.
A million times i need you,
A million times i cried,
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have to die,
Make me the light of world,
To shine the light in the world,
Just make me strong,
To stay over the harms.
You are my life till the end,
No one can divide us
and no one can bend.
I need you till the end of my life,
You always inspired me in my life.
You are my father, till the day i die…
Class- 11th
Govt.Boys Higher Secondary School


Obvious Death


Death, near by and watching us
Always around making no sound,
Unwanted and hated, still there
It’s everywhere still nowhere found.
Death, having no preface and face
It’s a suspense how you arrive
Obvious for all, desired by some
Your arrival, leaves us no more alive.
Death, everyone unwillingly waits for
It can’t be cheated, can’t be defeated
You take our prayers for a better day
Tell us how you should be treated.
Death, makes us leave our loved ones
We will meet the one’s on other side
So why we fear the pain of loneliness
When you take us on your dutiful ride.
Antriksh Sehgal




Structure of bones,
Covered with flesh and skin,
Some are fat,
Some are thin,
Some are tall,
And some are short,
Many are ridiculous,
Some are smart.
Some are clever,
Others are lazy,
Many are simple,
Some are crazy.
Some are intelligent,
And they are fair,
Honest and generous,
Are very rare.
If one is seflish,
Other is greedy,
One is luxurious,
The other is needy.
Some are busy,
In hoarding wealth,
Others are anxious,
About character and health.
Some become rich,
Others are poor,
For strong or weak,
The death is sure.
It does not spare,
The young or old,
Still some are worried,
About land and gold.
But who comes here,
He has to depart,
We should not forget,
The life is short.
In different stages,
There is a nod,
Luxuries and miseries,
Are the gifts of “God”
Vidya Rattan Sharma
Nagrota Gujroo


And when….


And when the waves  touch the shore,
And when the breeze pierces0
the silence of the sea,
And when the lone star twinkles its dullest,
And when watchman treads
on the deserted streets ,
And when the snow melts on the peaks,
And when in the valley my heart beat echoes,
And then at  shore would arise a tide,
And then the breeze would
turn into a tempest,
And then the lone star would
shine its brightest,
And then the streets would
no longer be deserted ,
And then the echo would
sound every place,every heart!!
Akhil Bhau
Hindu College


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