Influential businessman constructing illegal structure on Dal banks

Illegal construction on the banks of Dal lake by influential businessman. -Excelsior Photo
Illegal construction on the banks of Dal lake by influential businessman. -Excelsior Photo

Water channel dries due to garbage, illegal constructions

Fayaz Bukhari
SRINAGAR, Dec 25: An influential businessman is illegally constructing a structure on the banks of Dal lake while illegal construction and dumping of garbage has led to drying of a vital tributary of the lake that drains out water from it.
A report prepared by Court Commissioner on Dal lake said that an influential businessman, Saddam Zaroo, is constructing a structure on three kanals of land on the banks of Dal lake near Hazratbal despite demolitions by Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA).
“…Land measuring about 3 kanals just on the very banks of the lake (near NIT Hazratbal) belonged to one Saddam Zaroo who, in order to get started with his brazenly illegal construction has demarcated the land with tin sheets to actually hide the proposed illegal construction. The illegal construction is in its initial stages and that 12 laborers on spot were seen engaged in digging the geometrical channels for the purpose of concrete foundation/plinth of the building”, the report read.
The report revealed that if Zaroo managed to go ahead with illegal construction it will open Pandora’s box. “…the illegal building coming up in the prohibited zone is in its preliminary stages but could soon be witnessing construction on war footing. It would be also pertinent to mention in continuance of the observation supra that as the land falls under the prohibited zone there are great many plots lying vacant on the spot and if this violation is able to manage itself, it might well open a Pandora’s box resulting in the mushrooming of illegal buildings as it would be an encouraging factor for all of them”, read the report.
“It would also be pertinent to mention here that the violator seems to be an influential person and has left no corner moved in order to restrain the highlighting of this illegality. The tin demarcative walling was on the first place demolished by the concerned squad of LDA, but on the very next day the violator in all his arbitrariness obviously due to his access to influential circles again re-erected the demolished tin walling and the LDA had to again send the demolition team for its demolition which clearly speaks volumes upon the intentions of the violator that he is hell bent upon raising this illegal construction”, read the report.
The report said: “…the channel (Tchounte Koul) has practically dried out due to strangulation by garbage, over-vegetation and illegal construction. These factors have pushed the once busting water channel into being completely wiped off from the map and thus immediate attention is also requested in this regard too.”
The report said that the blocking of the channel will prove disastrous for the ecosystem of the lake and would lead to further deterioration of its water quality. “The blocking of such important channel would prove disastrous for the lake ecology and its natural system. It is a matter of time when the channel space will be silently converted into human colony if left unattended”, the report read.
The report further said that the city drainage that is being fed to the water channel has caused further damage to the stream. “The drains also have played a critical role in damaging the channel which directly open into it. It is most appropriate to seek a status report from the concerned department so that it is restored in letter and spirit”, the report added.


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