India’s development will be based on vision of its people: Bhagwat

MUMBAI, Dec 19:
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said India’s development will be based on the vision and aspirations of its people.
“If India does it by looking at America and China, it won’t be India’s development. This may be development, but then India will become like China and America,” he said.
“India`s development will happen based on its vision, the conditions and aspirations of its people, culture and our country’s outlook towards the world,” Bhagwat said at an event in Mumbai on Sunday. On religion, Bhagwat said, “A religion which makes man prosperous but destroys nature is not religion.”
“If India becomes strong, we won’t wield the ‘danda’ (stick) as China and America do, but due to us those who wield the ‘danda’ will stop wielding them,” Bhagwat said.
India’s development model is not about developing itself and letting other countries fight with each other, the RSS chief said. “India’s development means progress of the whole world,” he added.
“As India is becoming strong and prosperous, Indians all over the world are holding their heads high. Earlier, hardly anyone took notice, but now have been asked to host G20 presidency,” he said.
“We are telling Russia not to continue the war (with Ukraine) and it says India is a good country. Had we said so in the past, Russia would have shut us up.
This shows India is growing and the reputation of Indians is growing,” Bhagwat said. (PTI)