Indians in Singapore celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s 150 birth anniversary

Singapore, Aug 27: The life of Sri Aurobindo is an inspiration for everyone today, India’s envoy in Singapore has said, as he joined followers of the freedom fighter and philosopher in celebrating his 150th birth anniversary.
The remarks by Shilpak Ambule, the High Commissioner of India in Singapore, came as he attended a seminar to mark the occasion.
The three-hour seminar, “Humanity Unity & Individual Growth: A Journey of Destiny in the Light of Sri Aurobindo”, had participation from experts and musical performances by artists from the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society.
Some 120 followers of Sri Aurobindo also attended the seminar.
Ambule highlighted the life of Sri Aurobindo, pointing out how the seer, philosopher, yogi and poet is “an inspiration for all of us today.”
Experts shared how Sri Aurobindo had propounded the path of “Integral Yoga” that seeks to transform human consciousness to a higher level, embodying all elements of the human being – the spirit, mind and vital.
In 1910, Sri Aurobindo retreated to Puducherry and devoted himself to Sadhana (penance).
The seminar attendees were given an insight into Ashram Auroville in Puducherry which today stands as a testament to the seer’s teachings and philosophy and welcomes seekers from all around the globe.
The seminar was organised by the 51-year-old Sri Aurobindo’s Society, Singapore. (PTI)