Indian Government Crackdown on Offshore Betting Endorsements from Celebrities

Indian Government Crackdown on Offshore Betting Endorsements from Celebrities
Indian Government Crackdown on Offshore Betting Endorsements from Celebrities

India’s growing online betting industry saw changes in January 2023 that implemented a self-regulatory system. The idea behind this was to safeguard users and ensure betting operators work within the regulatory framework.

However, the popularity of offshore operators accessible to Indian consumers through platforms such as mobile sites or apps meant that some options worked out with Indian regulations.

Online gambling expert Khadija Bilal describes the best casino apps as being accessible and providing a variety of the most popular casino games. They provide greater convenience and can also include better security protections, including biometric authentication.

As offshore gaming continues to rise in popularity, the Indian Government has stepped in to try and limit its reach by clamping down on celebrities and influencers who promote operators.

The country’s 2019 Consumer Protection Act gives the government power to issue notifications to platforms instructing them to remove posts that advertise illegal operators.

In some cases, social media accounts could be disabled and perpetrators could also face penal action.

The use of social media among celebrities and influencers allows them to strengthen their brand, remain in the public eye, and earn significant sums of money from advertising campaigns.

The CCPA (Central Consumer Protection Authority) has also published advice on celebrity advertising in an attempt to improve awareness and limit the risk of illegal operations being promoted.

Under India’s Public Gambling Act 1867 many regions still outlaw non-skilled-based betting. Only Dama, Goa, and Sikkim currently have regulated online gambling, which is why so many people look to offshore betting options.

Offshore betting works within a legal grey area with no federal laws strictly forbidding it. The states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have moved to ban online gaming, but the country has yet to prosecute players for participating in online gaming.

The online betting industry is a highly competitive market with operators offering players the opportunity to enjoy the latest titles and immersive gaming experiences.

In order to stand out from competitors, gambling operators offer a range of bonuses to entice new players. Deposit bonuses, free bets, and enhanced odds can all be offered, with loyalty schemes also in place to help retention levels.

One of the best ways to appeal to new players is by having a social media presence. This can be improved by gaining endorsement from popular figures including celebrities and social media influencers.

India has a huge range of celebrities with massive social media followings including cricket sensation Virat Kohli who has an online following that exceeds 250 million and actress Priyanka Chopra whose following is closing in on 100 million.

While it might be difficult for online betting operators to afford the fees that celebrities of this magnitude might charge for sponsored social media posts, it illustrates the market available to India’s most popular stars.

Now that the Indian Government has stepped in and made it clear that this kind of advertising will not be tolerated, social media celebrities will have to look elsewhere for endorsement campaigns.