India will take decisive action against those who plan to harm: MoS Home

GURGAON, Oct 16:
India believes in the policy of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or the world is one family but if someone plans to harm it then the country is capable to undertake appropriate action to thwart such attempts in a “decisive” way, Union minister G Kishan Reddy said on Friday.
The minister of state for home was addressing the ‘black cat’ commandos of the National Security Guard (NSG) on the occasion of their 36th raising day being celebrated at its garisson here.
The NSG was established as a federal contingency force in 1984 to undertake specialist counter-terrorist, counter-hijack and hostage rescue operations.
“From the primordial, India believes in vasudhaiv kutumbakam which means the world is one family. We never think bad for a person or a country but if someone wants to bring harm to India then we are capable to undertake appropriate action in a decisive manner,” Reddy said in his address.
The adherence to ‘dharma’, he said, does not mean India will sit idle during such challenges, he said.
The minister said the specialised counter-terrorist force should keep itself “ten steps ahead” in training and technology as terrorists are using new techniques with evolving times.
“The NSG should better its capabilities for enhancing mobility, surveillance, fire power and counter-UAV capabilities,” he said.
Reddy affirmed that the government is determined to strengthen the commando force in all aspects and also to ensure that it “reaches the scene of action by fastest possible means.”
NSG is a task-oriented force. It has been a challenge for it to be operationally ready during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.
The minister said the force has obtained modern equipment and weapons to be distinguished as a world class force. (PTI)