India shares terror intel with 24 countries, including China

NEW DELHI, Dec 1: India is sharing intelligence on terrorism with China and 23 other countries via the mechanism of Joint Working Groups on Counter-Terrorism, Lok Sabha was today told.

In response to a question, Minister of State for Home, Haribhai Parthibhai Chaudhary, said, “India has Joint Working Groups on Counter-Terrorism with 24 countries, including China.

“Meetings of these Joint Working Groups are being held from time to time to discuss counter-terrorism issues and share intelligence, experience, expertise, good practices and issues of mutual concern.”

The minister added that cross-border terrorism issues are raised by India in Joint Working Group forum with foreign countries.

He said, however, that further details in this regard “cannot be disclosed in the interest of national security and bilateral relations with foreign states”. (PTI)




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