India and China must not allow differences to become disputes: Foreign Secy


SINGAPORE:     It is not the first time that border differences have existed between India and China, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said here today and asserted that both the countries have stakes in each other and so do the ASEAN member nations.

     Delivering a lecture here, Dr Jaishankar said India-China relationship acquired many dimensions and substance, thus reducing it to a black and white argument may not be the best of propositions.

     He said last month during the meeting at Astana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping admitted that “in their relationship, India and China must not allow differences to become disputes”.

     It was also agreed that at a time of global uncertainty, India and China relations are factors of stability. He said having handled border issues in the past, there was “no reason” that both the countries will not be able to handle this time.

     “The consensus (between two countries) underlines the strategic maturity with which both countries must approach each other,” the Foreign Secretary said. (AGENCIES)


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