Incidents of terrorist violence see rise in J&K in 2018

NEW DELHI: Jammu and Kashmir witnessed the maximum number of terror violence incidents in 2018 as compared to the four years before that, whereas such incidents in the country’s north east and Naxal-hit areas saw a marginal drop in the same comparative period, the Government told the Parliament Tuesday.

Minister of State for Home Hansraj G Ahir furnished a statement in the Lok Sabha on a question related to details of terrorist, insurgent and extremist incidents that took place in the country between 2014 and 2018.

The reply said a total of 614 terrorist incidents took place last year in Jammu and Kashmir that led to the killing of a maximum of 91 security forces personnel and 257 terrorists over a five-year period. In these incidents in 2018, 38 civilians were also killed, Ahir said. (AGENCIES)


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