Impressive procession taken out on Chehulum of Imam Hussain

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Shia Muslims taking out a procession in Jammu on Saturday.
Shia Muslims taking out a procession in Jammu on Saturday.

JAMMU, Dec 13: Anjuman-e-Imamia Jammuu keeping with its tradition commemorate the Chehlum of Imam Hussain and his companions the mrtyrs of Karbala.
A Shabiye Zuljina was brought out from the residence of Late Haaji Rustam Ali Khan and a procession of Chehlum was taken out from Peer Meetha Sofi Shah. Thousands of mourners wearing black dresses joined the procession and paid tribute to Imam Hussain.
Syed Amanat Ali Shah president Anjuman-e-Imamia Jammu while addressing said that it was an old tradition and our Anjuman in collaboration with other anjumans of Jammu were organizing all the religious activities for Shia community of Jammu. He also said that the battle of Karbala is not mere a battle but it is an institute itself from where one can learn how to achieve success in life while being oppressed.   Maulana Akhter Abbas Jaun a renowned scholar address the gathering in Peer Mitha before the procession started. In his address Maulana said that we should follow the path of Iamam Hussain and should not forget the great sacrifice of Iamam Hussain in the battle of Karbala. He impressed that Iamam Hussain achieve the martyredom for the sake of Islam and it is our duty to spread the message of brotherhood and truth among the masses.   The procession passed through its traditional route via Lakhdatta Bazar, Kanak Mandi, and Residency Road and culminated at Karbala Complex.
People from all the religious faiths joined the procession and by installing different stalls of water exhibited that they are with truth because the battle of Karbala was between truth and falsehood. Mourners enchanting Nohas and Marsiyas were mourning religiously to pay tributes to Imam Hussain and his companions who were martyred at Karbala 1400 years back.
Anjuman-e-Imamia Jammu alongwith other Anjumans like Anjuman-e-Haidery New plots, Anjuman-e-Hussaini Bathindi and All Ladakh Muslim Students Association (ALMSAJ) participated in the Chehlum procession.


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