Impressive Hindi poetry in e-book

O.P Sharma
A collection of poems in Hindi from versatile Rachna Vinod, who has already written books of poetry and short stories in Dogri, Hindi, Urdu and English, has come out with yet another book, this time in e-book form. It is available on internet which can be assessed and is available anywhere and anytime free of cost. This is in spirit of low cost and paperless publishing and readership. Now with growing Digital Technology a new transformation is taking place across India, including two UTs of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
Keeping up with the new technology in the world of printing and publishing this mode is getting popularity. It must be remembered that the latest technology is now being adopted gradually for betterment and she has, using this technology, brought out this e-book of 18 poems in Hindi ‘Ritu Rajas Ranbankur Raag’.
Simple, Stylish
It may be mentioned that Rachna Vinod, having command over the language, writes in philosophical yet very simple and easy Hindi. The way she uses her love for words in expressing varied emotions, the power of words comes out clearly in her writings. Purity and beauty of Hindi language is easily felt in her poems which make compelling effect on any reader to take journey into self.
Anybody can relate to rythm and flow of words… whether a philosophical rythm in ‘Geet Pahle Bana Ya Sargam’; unconditional devotion in ‘Shiv Mahima Chhatrachchaya’, staunch devotee in ‘ Tripurari Trinetradhari’, complete oneness with the divine love in ‘Koun Ho Tum’, reader can relate with the musical expression in every sentiment.
Mark the quality of Rachna’s poetry in the poem titled ‘Ek Raat Ka Musafir’ of which a stanza follows:
Pertak Megh Par Barse Sawan
Shiv Shakti Ka Madhur Sangeet
Deh Mai Basti Badthi Preet
Antermaan Tak Pyas Boojha
Badthi Chahat Aadik Badha
(The poet says that the nature amply speaks about the Creator who is perfectly controlling each and everything in the universe)
Significantly, Rachna Vinod, has dedicated this book to Mata Swarasati, the goddess of learning and literature. This shows her attachment to knowledge and literature.
Meaningful Poetry
Rachna comes from the illustrious Saraf family having many firsts to its credit. Her grandfather Mulkraj Saraf, considered as “Father of Journalism” as he was the first to bring out a first registered and regular newspaper,Ranbir, Urdu weekly during 1925 from Jammu in the then Jammu and Kashmir State. Her father, Omparkash Saraf, a reputed journalist and legislator, was one of the few and perhaps first in Jammu and Kashmir who donated his body for experimentation in the Government Medical College, Jammu. She is also perhaps first few in Jammu to have got published her e-book containing choicest Hindi poems.
This electronic books or e-book is easily accessible and available on internet. It can be read wherever you want… just in your device. ‘ Ritu Rajas Ranbankur Raag’ is available on Amazon and in Kindle version too. It is available free on google play store on the following link which readers will surely enjoy and where they can also give their review and comments on the site:

It is believed this e-book containing impressive Hindi poetry will set a new trend in book publishing with much higher and wider readership who can access it anywhere, anytime and also much more wider readership of the author/writers. I have gone through this e-book and expect that this book will evoke much more interest among readers.
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