I’m not a believable action hero: Colin Firth

LONDON, Sept 11:  British actor Colin Firth has admitted he does not think he would make a believable action hero.
The 56-year-old star said he has no intention of making a Liam Neeson-like transition into action films, because he does not think he is suited to the genre, reported DigitalSpy.
“After the first (‘Kingsman’), there were some offers like that. But I realised very quickly that you’ve got to get the context right – with someone like me, anyway,” Firth said.
Despite the success of the “Kingsman”, the actor cannot imagine audiences accepting him as an action hero on an “earnest basis”.
“I’m not just a guy who’s believable if I showed up in just any action context and started doing roundhouse kicks. It worked because it was implausible, and the humour was pitched right.
“There’s just enough of a send-up for people to be able to accept it. If I tried to go in as a bad*** on an earnest basis, I’m not going to get away with it,” he said. (PTI)


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