I will miss wearing this red shirt of mine: Taylor

AUCKLAND : Brendan Taylor’s voice wasn’t choked with emotion but the Zimbabwean was in a pensive mood after playing in his last match as an international cricketer, admitting that he would miss the “red jersey and the camaraderie” that he enjoyed over the years at the top level.
Though he’s scored a fine century, Taylor’s farewell international game ended in a six-wicket defeat by India in the cricket World Cup here today.
Asked as to what he will miss the most, Taylor instantly said, “Well, to be wearing this red shirt of mine. I guess it’s every cricketer’s dream to put on their country’s shirt. That’s why we play the sport. We’re lucky and privileged enough to do that. I will certainly miss that.”
On an emotional note, he said, “I’ll miss my teammates, the camaraderie that we have amongst each other, the good and bad times that we went through. That’s all part of it. I’ve had it for 11 years and I wouldn’t change that for anything. It’s been some special times through good and bad.”
Taylor said that he was touched by the gesture of some of the Indian players, who walked all the way from their fielding positions to congratulate him on his brilliant knock of 138 in his last international innings.
“Yeah, it was nice from some of the Indian guys, Shikhar, Virat and Suresh came up to me. That really was quite touching for me. They didn’t have to do that. They’re established players, and that was a very nice touch that they did, and then obviously my teammates just wished me well and thanked me for the little bit that I’ve contributed.
“But it’s all been with them, and it’s been enjoyable doing it with them. It was pretty tough to swallow that, but it was a good feeling in a way,” Taylor said.
Taylor also thanked the 30,000-odd spectators present at the Eden Park, who gave him a standing ovation once his farewell knock came to an end. He was thankful even more as more than 95 percent were Indian supporters.
“Thank you. It’s just a testament to their cricket knowledge. I think they just appreciate good cricket and they saw two teams playing some pretty entertaining stuff today. Obviously, we knew who they were supporting, but they clapped when we put on a decent show.
“That was always nice to see. I was very overwhelmed the way they responded, and I’m very appreciative for that,” he said. (AGENCIES)


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