‘I Love The Spring Season’

I love the spring season

Immense joy I feel
When I see the flowers
Blooming all around
The trees blossomed
Leaves swaying with the wind
Lush meadows narrating stories
Untold, unheard
Pleasant breeze whispering in my ear
I love the spring season
Immense joy I feel
For everybody feels good
Hearts sing the songs soulful
Bliss prevails all around
I love the spring season
Immense joy I feel
When I see the lovely birds flying with love
Energetic animals roaming with ecstacy
And the entire world
Is in a state of happiness
Ultimate and beyond the imagination.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


Earthen lamps of divine hope

With a lamp of hope and austerity,
I come.
With the eyes that reflect the beauty of past,
I become , the devotee of shri rama.
An admirer , awaiting his glance.
His acts of respect and love i behold,
One holding an arrow and a bow,
The picture i hold.
The simple and absolute divine .
The power neglecting all the ignorance.
The master of senses, the peak of sympathy.
Who rests safe and sound in the lap of kaushalaya
And the other hand balances a powerful mace .
How could anyone rettel his lores.
Kindness, forgiveness, perfection he is.
Ayodhya would see his dignity so far,
The one who embodies dharma and bliss.
Dhanya Nanda


Belated Goodbye Grandma

You took off way too soon,
Leaving behind days of gloom.
I am too late to say goodbye,
It has been four years,
Since I gave it a try!
I have shed no tear,
But my heart is numb, from the pain it has to bear!
Some lived a long life, only to be forgotten what they looked like!
For you, death came too soon,
Yet your sacrifices will let your legacy bloom !
Nothing to win, nothing to lose ,
It’s your souls eternal existence that we choose !
The whole of life becomes an act of letting go!
The excitement of going to old house without you runs dry,
But what hurts the most is not having a chance to say goodbye!
Arnav Sharma
Balota Upperla Basantgarh