Humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan

It needs to be fairly underlined that Central Asian Countries have reached at a conscientious decision to help Afghanistan tide over its crisis , worst ever, mainly economic due to which its people are suffering . It remains to be widely appreciated that in this move entirely on humanitarian grounds, India played a leading role in pursuit of its policy of peace to prevail everywhere and in deference to close co-operation this country always had with Afghanistan due to which lot of infrastructural development of that country took place.
Pertinent to mention that in its third round of dialogue held in Delhi , the Foreign Ministers of six countries including India, took this important decision which , however, has implied understanding that the present dispensation there would never allow its territory to be used for sponsoring or launching terrorism and related violence. As a member of the civilized comity of nations, it had to abide by the accepted norms of mutual respect and cooperation between countries to promote peace and development. On reciprocity the sovereignty, territorial integrity and no interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan would be the hall mark of the bold initiative of the Central Asian Countries taken in the above context.