Howdy Modi show

It was during the ‘Howdy Modi’ programme in Housten Texas the Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined the slogan” Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar”. It is not surprising that a particular country is interested in the election of a specific candidate or a party of another nation. So far, it used to be diplomatic exercise done covertly. But this is possibly for the first time an Indian PM has openly supported a particular candidate in the Presidential election of the USA. It has been a paradigm shift in the external policy of our Govt. It is an attempt to move the clandestine external affairs policies to an overt approach. Is it in our National interest? Has our National interest been safeguarded? Our PM has been re-elected with an unprecedent mandate. He is aware of his strength which includes human resource. The show of human resource trend at the NRG Stadium even floored the USA President.
The vision of our PM has taken external affairs policies to new zenith globly. The good governance image has propelled India as the bi-lateral trade destination of the future. New defence deal infrastructure developments, space programmes and medical tourism an the sector’s witnessing growth. Alignment with Mr Trump has been a path breaking intervention in the diplomatic circles. Is open support to Mr Trump in our national interest, only time will tell. Indications from the infancy days an encouraging. Mr Trump labelled our PM as the father of India and Elvis Presley from India.
S N Raina


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