Houseboat sinks in Jhelum

Damaged houseboat in river Jhelum at Rajbagh on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Shakeel
Damaged houseboat in river Jhelum at Rajbagh on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent
Srinagar, Feb 27: A residential houseboat sank today in the Jhelum River, suffering damage near the Presentation Convent School at Rajbagh.
The houseboat belongs to Abdul Rehman Pakhtoon, who stated that early in the morning they noticed their houseboat was sinking, prompting him to act swiftly.
“I was sleeping, as were the other members of the family. Around 3 in the morning, I heard some noises which woke us. When I investigated, I saw water had entered the houseboat,” he said.
Pakhtoon added that he promptly evacuated his family to safety and attempted to salvage whatever belongings he could, while also trying to clear the water that had seeped in.
“I worked until 5 in the morning, but unfortunately, the water had already penetrated the houseboat and did not stop. We lost many household items and others suffered damages. I had also saved money for renovating the houseboat, which is now lost,” he lamented.
With nowhere to go, Pakhtoon revealed that their remaining household items are now on the roadside, and some family members are staying with relatives. He expressed bewilderment regarding how the water managed to breach the houseboat.
“We urgently need assistance; if the administration could provide at least a tent for us to live in temporarily. Given the weather conditions, we are in desperate need,” he appealed.
Pakhtoon also criticized the Government for its lack of action regarding the upkeep of existing houseboats, especially those moored on the Jhelum.
“There is a pressing need for necessary steps to be taken; several other houseboats have faced similar fates previously, indicating an underlying issue,” he remarked.