Saturday  September  18-2021

Aries : You delight in meeting new people, and today you will find yourself mingling with a lot of intelligent people. Ganesha says you will continue to be a perfectionist. Besides this, you will end up spending a huge sum of money on a gift for your beloved today.

Taurus : The day is coloured in the shade of arguments and belligerence for most part of today, predicts Ganesha. You may spend the afternoon in lengthy business discussions with friends. Things will look up by evening as you might get some special treatment from your soul mate.

Gemini : Your mind will be seized with tension on some account. You will be nervous and uneasy as a result. A grave illness may strike some member of your family. However, things should ease out during the later part of the day, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will focus on near ones and give more attention to them. You will exude charm in your actions. Your kin’s response will surprise you. Long-time relations will progress and benefit you.

Leo : You will complete your tasks courageously today. You will have the patience to wait for the fruits of your labour to fall into your lap, so as to say. You will redo those tasks that you are unable to complete to your expectations. Owing to this attitude of yours, you do not need to worry about a thing, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Personal problems which have been simmering for quite a long time may be resolved today. Ganesha advises you to put in that extra bit of effort. You may plan to start a joint venture. In the evening, you can dedicate your time to some much-needed socialising.

Libra : Ganesha says that you will be able to impress people with your extraordinary abilities. You will express your intention to study and go in for higher studies in the evening. This decision will help you understand which career field is best suited for you. Ganesha says before taking any further decisions you should think about the future too.

Scorpio : The chemistry between you and your partner would be electrifying. Ganesha foresees a day full of romantic indulgences. Things at home front would be pretty relaxing. You are on a money saving mission today and your bargaining skills would definitely yield benefits.

Sagittarius : A day full of highs and lows, predicts Ganesha. Heaps of work is likely to keep you on toes today. You experience a stressful day at work. In the evening, you may spend quality time with your beloved and treasure small joys of life.

Capricorn : If you are holding an authoritative position at work, today is your day, feels Ganesha. Sincere efforts and honesty will not make the current projects cross finishing line, but also fetch you appreciation and rewards from one and all. Those in the fields other than government, will win the confidence of superiors and may discuss confidential subjects with them.

Aquarius : The day will kick start with you deciding to opt for higher education or a personality development course. If you are a businessman or associated with finance, it will be a favourable day for you, foresees Ganesha. Through out the day, you will be occupied with one or the other thing but you will not be complaining.

Pisces : You need to control the vortex of emotions swirling through you. Your savage mood swings could have a bearing on vital decisions you need to take today. You need to guard against being emotional, be more calculative in your dealings, and think lesser about chasing after money, says Ganesha.