Wednesday July 24 -2013   

Aries : Set today aside for your hobbies and pass-times. Ganesha says doing things that you like will put you in high spirits, and it will show up in the way you behave with people you love. You may not be able to fully involve yourself in work but your seniors will be understanding.

Taurus : This day you are likely to face some health problems. Ganesha urges you not to expose your self to any kind of risk and take even the faintest symptom of illness seriously. Visit a doctor without delay. You could, otherwise, be bedridden for quite some time. Today, you may, unfortunately, be running after greater profits at the cost of family welfare. Do remember. Money may be extremely precious, but certainly not the most precious thing in life.

Gemini : You need to understand and respect the feelings of others. You will be beset by financial worries and plagued by financial insecurity. You will work with grim determination to achieve all your goals and will be successful in doing so, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will focus on near ones and give more attention to them. You will exude charm in your actions. Your kin’s response will surprise you. Long-time relations will progress and benefit you.

Leo : You will take important decisions relating to some partnership today. A progressive day at the workplace awaits. Traders may face some financial constraints however. The stress of over-work may tie you down. So do not bite off more than you can chew, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Personal problems which have been simmering for quite a long time may be resolved today. Ganesha advises you to put in that extra bit of effort. You may plan to start a joint venture. In the evening, you can dedicate your time to some much-needed socialising.

Libra : Ganesha says that you will be able to impress people with your extraordinary abilities. You will express your intention to study and go in for higher studies in the evening. This decision will help you understand which career field is best suited for you. Ganesha says before taking any further decisions you should think about the future too.

Scorpio : The chemistry between you and your partner would be electrifying. Ganesha foresees a day full of romantic indulgences. Things at home front would be pretty relaxing. You are on a money saving mission today and your bargaining skills would definitely yield benefits.

Sagittarius : Kids and their demands top your priority list today, says Ganesha. They will come out with flying colours in academics and related activities. Today, you will also plan your schedule in a way that you will give a lot of time to meditation and yoga. A peaceful day, a peaceful you!

Capricorn : Keep your fuel tanks ready as you are heading for a very active and exhausting day, today. The long list of activities will keep you occupied for the whole day and you’ll enjoy the energy floating around, says Ganesha. Your career will be on the go, too, especially if you are freelancer. You will end up having projects of your choice.

Aquarius : The day will kick start with you deciding to opt for higher education or a personality development course. If you are a businessman or associated with finance, it will be a favourable day for you, foresees Ganesha. Through out the day, you will be occupied with one or the other thing but you will not be complaining.

Pisces : You will be in an extremely sensitive frame of mind today. You need to strike a balance between your head and your heart. Your financial situation might be the cause of some worry. Do not let this affect your family life, says Ganesha. You will also need to be on guard against trying to make a quick buck and against losing your temper.



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