Aries : The stars today may play some tricks, which may land you in some sort of problem. But by mid-day, things will calm down and you will forget it. Ganesha says that in the evening, you will be calm and pensive which is an excellent thing.

Taurus : Your thinking is likely to be very clear and purposeful, this day says Ganesha. You will be eager to do something new, meaningful and exciting today. And you will be smart enough to think things out carefully and make elaborate plans before you make a move. This day is expected to become less stressful, more relaxed and trouble free compared to your average days. Dining out with friends and family members is very much in the cards.

Gemini : Today is an auspicious and fruitful day for you. You will become excited by every very small accomplishments. You will need to fulfill the demands made upon you by your family and friends. You will probably find yourself balancing the cheque book at home, or buying appliances for the house, says Ganesha.

Cancer : The health of a kin may cause anxiety, says Ganesha. Your lack of enthusiasm will influence you on family matters. So you will have to focus on family members. New ties and contacts are in the offing. Over-all, a hectic and profit-able day.

Leo : There are good days, bad days, and then there are days like today, when Ganesha foresees a mixed bag of fortunes for you. Make your family the centre of your world, and show them the love and affection that they deserve. Early in the day, you may make an attempt to severe ties with your spouse or life partner. Proceed cautiously and deal with this in an open manner. Just make sure that the tension does not escalate within the family.

Virgo : Share thoughts, concepts and ideas with people. You may get new perspectives, says Ganesha. Don’t let any opportunity pass to make your loved one feel special. Ganesha predicts you might seek the counsel of friends on professional and ethical issues.

Libra : Ganesha says that you shall find your life more meaningful and fulfilling today because you will be able to indulge the artistic streak in your personality. In the evening, you may go out shopping, possibly for buying new things for your home. On the whole, an exciting day awaits you today.

Scorpio : Suddenly, you may become health conscious. According to Ganesha, today’s resolution would be eat healthy and live a healthy life. A regular exercise regime would top the list of daily activities. Today, you realise the true meaning of the adage, ‘work is worship’. Implementing this in your day-to-day life would bring you closer to success.

Sagittarius : The day does not begin on a good note, says Ganesha. Certain circumstances at work may prove you weak. You are likely to come across hurdles in your work during the later half of the day. However, monetary gains bring some respite to your disturbed mind.

Capricorn : You are very close to your family members and they will lend a helping hand whenever you need them. They will help you climb the ladder of success and making the upward movement more comfortable. Happiness will come to you, however, you may have to pay a price for it. Don’t take the presence of your loved ones in your life for granted, advises Ganesha

Aquarius : Mixed fortunes today. At work, demanding schedules may drive you up the wall, and you may struggle to keep pace with others. Don’t be dejected, says Ganesha, these things happen once in a while. It is only after such a busy day that you can bask in the pleasure of a foot massage from your beloved.

Pisces : You need to be extremely careful when planning out your activities for the day, says Ganesha. For the slightest mistake could bring all your efforts to naught. Treading carefully and cautiously is advisable, when it comes to work-related matters, to avoid falling into traps. You will be more dependent on luck today. In times of great difficulty, you will find that god lends a helping hand.