Aries : Today’s events will be dominated by lots of friends. Life will seem to you to be a huge party, even if it is just tea that you are having together. However, Ganesha suggests that you set aside the evening for a special friend.

Taurus : The desire to rule your community, your neighbourhood is likely to get hold of you, today. Don’t get carried away by the idea and go bossing around. No one is likely to appreciate your acting high and mighty. Be sure. You will be creating a lot of enemies. Ganesha urges you to reject such thoughts and wait for the evening. A beautiful encounter with your partner or your sweetheart is distinctly in the cards. Do not spoil the day by acting in bad taste.

Gemini : Your career is finally on track and your dreams don’t look too distant any more. A candlelit dinner with your spouse will leave you wanting for more. And you shall get more. A night to remember indeed. Ganesha, however, warns you to hold your horses or an imminent accident awaits you.

Cancer : Today, you will be keenly observing the games that people play. But your paranoia will work against you. Certain people are likely to use it to manipulate you and influence important decisions. Ganesha advises you to stay level-headed and jump to conclusions only after an unbiased analyses of the situation.

Leo : So what is it that inspires people to jump off a mountain with nothing but a parachute on their back? Guess you are going to find the answer to that question today, if not literally, then at least metaphorically. Ganesha foresees that you will indulge and find delight in valorous deeds today. It is all about the adrenaline rush for you, even if it means taking spur-of-the-moment decisions on the home front. Keeping your current attitude in mind, it is a good idea to put on hold and delay some of those work and business related decisions. All in all, Ganesha wishes you a dynamic and energetic day. Just don’t forget the parachute, okay?

Virgo : Love will bite you today. It will bleed, and break it in two. The ship of career will sight port soon, says Ganesha. Dinner in a candlelit ambience will only help raise your spirits.

Libra : Today, you seem to have the Midas touch, so every task you take in your hands is bound to be a success. You may also want to take time out to spend with your loved ones and lavish them with attention. Also, don’t forget to hand out credit to others for their valuable inputs. It pays to be in people’s good books. Ganesha advises you to spend your money wisely in the evening. Overall, you will excel in the company of loved ones.

Scorpio : Your balancing skills may be called to fore today, as some of the important decisions of your life may come calling for judgement today. Later in the day, sudden and unexpected profits are on the cards. In the workplace, reputation and rewards may come for previous efforts. You are likely to remain energetic, enthusiastic and capable all throughout the day.

Sagittarius : Ganesha foresees that today, you shall be more selfless and careful than ever. You might be slated to make some profit by involving yourself in shared actions. However, it comes naturally to you to mix business with pleasure, and you shall make the most of it.

Capricorn : Every venture is fraught with risks and accompanied by uncertainties, but if you have any inclination to start one of your own today, you won’t be in two minds about it, says Ganesha. For the professionals, the day may bring recognition and accolades. This aside, your innate talent and knack for completing work on time will earn you the respect and goodwill of your seniors.

Aquarius : Fortune is mighty pleased with you, so go ahead and play roulette if you wish! Partnerships will work today, as will business deals. But somewhere, a dark sentiment may cloud your thinking. Ganesha says that you should enjoy yourself and take life a bit lightly.

Pisces : It is a day where you find yourself upbeat and optimistic about your future, says Ganesha. Your hopefulness spurs you on to splurge and indulge your spouse in the evening. Good times!