Aries : Today is payback time. Just look around you and count the marvellous blessings that the almighty has showered on you, both on the personal and professional fronts. You will thus want to arrange a small thanksgiving meeting with those close to you. Ganesha approves of the idea.
Taurus : Today, you are likely to face it difficult to impress or influence others. If you have set your mind on acquiring something, you may face initial setbacks but eventually you will succeed in getting hold of it. Everything you engage in will work out fine. Be friendly and outgoing to all, more so during the latter half of the day. That will make your fortune smile even more. The day will bring unexpected gains to businessmen, assures Ganesha.
Gemini : Religious, cultural and intellectual pursuits will keep you busy throughout the day. You will need to compulsorily attend some social function. You will encounter expenses in charitable or philanthropic work. It is a good time for conducting business deals, says Ganesha.
Cancer : Setting aside house, family and personal matters, you will focus your attention on career or business. You will get a lot of cooperation and praise from your seniors and higher-ups. Your friends and kin will also appreciate you in ample measure. You will spend memorable moments in the evening with your beloved.
Leo : Businessmen and traders need to be wary of their competitors. They will be jealous of your progress and will hatch nefarious schemes to pull you down, warns Ganesha.
Virgo : Ganesha advises you not to lose your temper, or else it may rupture close associations. You can avoid legal problems by settling vexed issues out of the court. You may spend freely in the evening and indulge in all the activities that give you pleasure.
Libra : Ganesha says you need to enhance your knowledge and ability. To attain your final goal you will take the path of enhancing your personality. Toward noon there may be some issues that may trouble you but Ganesha says that these are petty things that happen in life and one should not focus too much on them.
Scorpio : Once in a while, it’s okay to enjoy the luxuries of life and pamper yourself. And if accompanied by your spouse, it adds a romantic touch to the entire experience. When it comes to work, people look up to you as an asset to the company. At times, even unknown people lend you a helping hand and contribute to your progress; appreciate them, says Ganeshji.
Sagittarius : While most of them try hard not to mix business or work with pleasure, you enjoy doing that! And you soon realise that it is working well. Today, according to Ganesha, your actions speak louder than words. All in all, a constructive day in store for you.
Capricorn : Uncertainties – the only certainty of life, will not bog you down. You are ready to take risks and try your luck out. Start a business or project today, and there are fair chances of you succeeding at that, predicts Ganesha. Appreciation and acknowledgement of your sincerity will brighten up your day. Moreover, you possess a rare art of time management, and it will surely boost your image.
Aquarius : Friends – the pillars of your life are going to be your constant companions for the day. Ganesha suggests you come out of your shell and tread new paths. Bring the vibrant side of your personality to the fore and see the difference you make in every one’s life.
Pisces : You will be at your wit’s end today, grappling with financial issues. You will decide to multiply your savings and increase your income by whatever means possible. The good news being you will find it easy to implement your new plans and schemes. Your friends could have some vital insights to share with you about your finances, says Ganesha.