Wednesday Jan 13-2021

Aries : You feel like a champ! Your cherished goals will seem within your grasp today. Whatever stress you’re feeling will soon dissipate, as you will realise that even if you don’t have success, you have the love and support of your family, says Ganesha.

Taurus : Touchdown! Ganesha senses a strong possibility that you will achieve an important milestone today. Emotional well-being is important for physical health. You may spend your evening in the company of like-minded people to indulge in some healthy discussions and musings, feels Ganesha.

Gemini : God helps those who help themselves. Maybe. But He definitely helps those who help others. Support your colleagues and they will be grateful to you. This way, even your bosses will notice your talents, if they haven’t already. They will shower praise on you, and favours too. An entirely enjoyable evening with your loved ones will serve as the icing on the cake, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Today, you are likely to address all problems with a human touch, predicts Ganesha. You are likely to play Agony Aunt to one and all. But for that, you will have to learn to leave your problems at the workplace. In relationships, you need to open up to your near and dear ones.

Leo : Something piques the demon within you today, says Ganesha, making you emotional and zealous. But then, we must all wage a war against our personal demons every time they rear their ugly heads. Ganesha foresees you emerging victorious in this battle today, and regaining your happy-go-lucky attitude in the latter part of the day. As for work, it is your expertise that will come in handy. And if you happen to be a public servant, then rest assured that your deeds shall have inspiring results.

Virgo : Helping your colleagues will bring loads of good will. Your superiors will be superiorly happy with your work. Interaction with friends will be special. Revel in the company of your loved one, says Ganesha.

Libra : It’s all about family today. In fact, the bigger the better since Ganesha foresees it is quite likely that both close and distant relatives will fill your heart with glee today. It might be some good news worthy of raising a toast to. However, you might be doubtful about getting along with your peers at work. But rest assured, in all probability your business will make satisfying progress at the end of the day. All’s well that ends well!

Scorpio : Today, you are likely to make a fine show of your knack of organising things, predicts Ganesha. At the workplace, you will develop a special liking for your job. Later in the day, you may find lasting solutions to pending problems. Take the trouble to research any decisions you make so that you are liable to make well-informed decisions about your future.

Sagittarius : Handicraft business is likely to draw your attention. People around you will marvel at your commitment and dedication to work and family alike. Ganesha advises you to bite the apple of love and share some romantic moments with your spouse.

Capricorn : Not many know how stupendous is your wealth of wisdom; today will be a good day to make a display of it, says Ganesha. You will have your wits about you and will impress many with your show of intellect. In the social circuit, you will indulge in spreading the message of love while at work, your excellent managerial skills will ensure that everything is under control. Peace is what you will look forward to at night, and peace will come to you, indeed.

Aquarius : Today, you will speak and everyone else will listen! Your eloquence will bring you recognition. But you must take it a step further. You will also manage to impress someone, and Ganesha sees the beginning of a new relationship. But don’t forget to listen sometimes.

Pisces : Good times are coming your way, and this could be in the form of a promotion or a pay hike, says Ganesha. You will devote time equally between your work and family, taking a little time off to take them out on a leisure trip. Enjoy!