Thursday May 25-2017

Aries : The boredom of your monotonous life will now begin to tell on you. A change of trappings is what you probably have on mind. Money matters are not a big deal, and a little quick change may result in an evening get-together. Ganesha says you will like to flaunt your pretty and peaceful ambience.

Taurus : This is a day for going on a shopping spree, says Ganesha. There are strong chances that you will be buying something durable and lasting, may be the latest fridge on the stalls. Later in the day, you are most likely to visit an exhibition and pick up some artistic and exotic objects. You will be strongly motivated to get as many things as possible to make your home look classier and brighter.

Gemini : You have a penchant for organising family functions and social programmes. Today, you are likely to organise one more. You plan to renovate your house in the afternoon. By evening, you will be back to your socialising self and may hang out at a popular local joint with a childhood friend.

Cancer : A new friend will join your circle or you establish friendship with someone. You will be spending the day in entertainment or party with friends. But tension will prevail in the office. Yet, says Ganesha, a sense of joy will thrive on the domestic front.

Leo : There are rough patches that all families must deal with. Ganesha says there are chances that today, you may disagree with your siblings and other members of the family. Money and property will be your key areas of concern. At work too, you may find yourself besotted with a confrontational attitude towards peers. The best thing you can do today, advises Ganesha, is to keep your emotions in check.

Virgo : Be the crab who wants to get out of the basket, and make bold, brave moves at work, especially in the way you accomplish your tasks. Also, contribute with brilliant, refreshing ideas. You shall, however, in all probability, remain at sea in the afternoon. But, don’t despair, take a break from work and recharge those sodden batteries, says Ganesha.

Libra : It’s not an easy ride for you today. Expect to undergo a range of emotions that might even make you feel distressed and emotional. However, your academic intelligence will bear some fruit over the course of the day. Also, your charisma will finally bedazzle that special someone in your life. Do not ignore a chance to give a facelift to your home, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : Though not like in an X-Files series, expect to find yourself open to the unknown and the supernatural today, says Ganesha. Time spent at your work station will be troublesome. You may end up spending a small fortune on your health. You shall achieve your short-term targets, predicts Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Your mood is high on expectations today. You shall plan meticulously before noon, and then in the afternoon, your plans shall fall in place, and deliver expected results. The opposite sex will find you intellectually stimulating and attractive. But be careful in matters of dollars and dimes in the evening, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : The day will be spent juggling work and meeting personal demands, says Ganesha. It may virtually be a tug-of-war, in which your friends and relatives will emerge victorious as you will end up spending more time with them. You will catch up with gossips that you missed while trying to impress your boss. This besides, you will be blessed with the valuable assistance of the more experienced that may help you acquire a right perspective to life.

Aquarius : Good news about a loved one will bring on a festive mood. You only need an itsy-bitsy excuse to party, and that’s what you’ll do today! You will make new friends, and they will prove helpful in times of need. Ganesha suggests a candlelit dinner to round up a perfect day.

Pisces : Today will find you resolute and unwavering in everything that you pursue, and it is a good thing to be, for you will find yourself making substantial progress come afternoon. New relationships could be in the offing today as well, says Ganesha.


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