Saturday Feb 18-2017

Aries : You are going to make full use of your silver-tongued sleekness today! Your power of expression will be appreciated, especially by the opposite sex, and you will thoroughly enjoy the attention. Ganesha advises a little meditation to help balance your inner and outer worlds.

Taurus : You are likely to succeed in everything you start today, predicts Ganesha. Financial transactions will be both satisfying and profitable in the afternoon. The day may not turn out to be as exciting as you may have expected. A thrilling evening will compensate for a rather tiring day, expects Ganesha.

Gemini : A day filled with love, tenderness and delight — the kind of day when babies are born, families reunite, and good news never stops pouring in. However, the afternoon may be a little rough on a day, which will be, otherwise, high on happiness. Get ready for a surprise from your sweetheart. A candlelit dinner? Shhh… Ganesha doesn’t want to spoil the fun. Have a delightful evening.

Cancer : Your partner will be willing to do anything for you today. You ask for the moon, or anything under the Sun, and they will oblige. Even though they won’t be able to pluck the moon and stars from the sky, a special gesture from your partner is bound to send you to cloud nine. On the professional front, your negotiation skills will save your money from being swindled by others.

Leo : You may blame the weather, but it still doesn’t change the fact that today, you shall be more or less in the doldrums, with little prospect of feeling strong and spirited, says Ganesha. This, coupled with other things, may lead to confrontation and quarrels with peers on the work front. Bearing the state you are in, it seems prudent to hold the launch of any new business project today. But things shall begin to look better towards the evening, as you manage to have a wonderful time with your kin, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Fortune will favour you today. You will be able to pull off anything you try your hand at today, says Ganesha. In some cases, despite poor expectations, you will receive good news in the form of great results. Bend and budge when you need to, flexibility and adjustments will win you the favour of others.

Libra : Call it your charm, your influence or whatever you will, but today, it brings incredible results for you, says Ganesha. Also, you may personally contemplate a little bit of self-improvement for ensuring better prospects in the future. It is likely that some of you may decide to smarten up your dream house. After all, your home reflects who you are. Others may well be on their way to building an abode for themselves.

Scorpio : You are likely to pay maximum attention to family, friends and relatives, predicts Ganesha. On the academic front, children will perform exceptionally well in examinations. You may invest money in land and home. In the evening, you will find time to cool your heels and enjoy the pursuit of pleasure, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : A curious blend of good and bad, foresees Ganesha. While at home, you will receive good support to renovate your home. But, it may end up being more than a bit too heavy on your pocket. A long day’s slog will earn you much praise at work.

Capricorn : Don’t be surprised if you get unexpected success in your financial dealings, it’s all on the cards! You will be pliant, more than the usual, and will be sensitive to and understanding of others’ problems, says Ganesha. For those pursuing studies, academic growth is certain.

Aquarius : Today, you will battle clutter! You clean up and organise, and actually find the process therapeutic. You will also solve problems in a jiffy. There are decisions to be made, and Ganesha suggests that you research carefully before you make up your mind.

Pisces : You will need to get your priorities right if you wish to be able to successfully deal with the increased responsibilities that will be heaped on your plate today, says Ganesha. Try not to let your frustrations burst through. It will only prod your subordinates to claim that they are over-worked and hence deserving of more pay.


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