Wednesday   Nov 16-2016

Aries : If your work has anything to do with money, today you will be busy counting your riches! If you’ve applied for a loan, it may get sanctioned today. Look for variety, says Ganesha, and you may find your day filled with smiles and what not.

Taurus : You are likely to be mentally alert and watchful today, says Ganesha. Creativity will run through your veins no matter what you attempt. You may dabble in performing arts, designing, graphics or special effects. Your charm will play Pied Piper to the opposite gender today.

Gemini : Ganesha opines that today you might feel a little blue and under the weather. You may harbour feelings of loneliness today. Your repressed emotions and yearnings as well as your intellectual leanings will likely come to the fore today, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Your ideas today are source of your energy.A situation may arise, which will force you to take hard decisions later. A new business or venture may prove beneficial. Your magical touch will bestow success in every endeavour. Ganesha is with you.

Leo : Karmic balance dictates an equitable distribution of joy and sorrow, says Ganesha. So if your day seems drab and depressing today, rest assured, your evening shall be all the more refreshing and exciting. Surround yourself with family and friends, as you will receive royal treatment from them. Just remember Ganesha’s advice that satisfaction is guaranteed when expectations aren’t too high.

Virgo : Play dodge ball with prejudice today. Do not let intolerance find shelter in you today, advises Ganesha. Instead, chances are you will seek to find love, affection and goodwill among those around you. Stay away from negativity as it may bog you down. Ganesha counsels you to have the courage to stand by your convictions.

Libra : Ganesha says today will be an auspicious day for starting any new work. In the office you will be assigned new positions and you shall excel in the same. Whatever work is undertaken by you will see you attain success in it. Today is a lucky day for you Ganesha says

Scorpio : You are most likely to resent the dominating and overbearing nature of your partner today. Patience will probably go to the dumps in this case then. But Ganesha advises you to sit together and resolve all personality clashes and quarrels in view of the larger scheme of things.

Sagittarius : To do or not to do? That will be the question for most of today as you find yourself pulling out of one dilemma only to trip into the next one. Controversy will surround you and you may find yourself at the crossroads, where you are unsure of which direction to take. Turn to the wisdom of the experienced for proper guidance, advises Ganesha.

Capricorn : The chances of you meeting financial success are few, but they are there nonetheless, says Ganesha. If you really want to improve your account balance and settle all the burgeoning debts, focus on what all needs to be done, and get it done without delay. You will make merry later in the day and will enjoy the company of your loved ones. But you will have free time despite all of this, and will get lured into unnecessary spending, especially on recreational activities. Spend your money prudently to avoid financial crisis in the future.

Aquarius : You always see the larger picture, and desire to channelise all your energies towards making things better. Such positive approach makes you an excellent team player, and enables you to bring novel ideas and effective solutions to the table, says Ganesha. You will be the life of every party you will go to today.

Pisces : This day promises to be filled with much romance, laughter, and fine dining, says Ganesha. You will seem irresistible to the opposite sex. You might also find yourself falling for someone. A breathe of fresh air could waft into old relationships, or new ones could be formed. However, this is likely to be a drawn out process. You could find yourself dining out with friends, later on in the evening.


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