Thursday   Nov 17-2016

Aries : You will be in a tight fix as the day starts. However, that’s exactly the kind of situation in which your skills are tested. In the evening you will draw a lot of praise for your excellent performance. If Ganesha chooses to shower his blessings on you, you will sign new deals.

Taurus : Logic may be your forte today, but in the game of life, sometimes the heart wins and sometimes the head. Your analytical skills will help you understand things better, in turn, making you wiser. You may feel an urge to spend on music cassettes, CDs and electronic gadgets.

Gemini : You are likely to be in a romantic mood today. You may just end up falling in love today. A difficult situation will bring out the competitive streak in you and spur you on to physical and mental excellence. Your capacity and intelligence will be testified to by your work, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will focus on financial matters and plan accordingly. Compared to expenses, you will save more. A beneficial day for cashiers, money lenders and petty traders. Ganesha counsels hard work to achieve success.

Leo : You will be unable to express the feelings that rise up inside you in spite of wanting to. However, keep them close to your heart. You will be very serious about your work today. There is a possibility of some delay in your schedule today due to unforeseen problems, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha says don’t let setbacks cow you down today as you will emerge stronger from each one of them. It will be your logic and reasoning abilities that will aid you in gaining the perfection in completing your work. You may look forward to spending the evening with your beloved or a special friend. You will be engrossed in an animated conversation.

Libra : There are many kinds of worries that you must equip yourself to deal with. To do this, you may have to learn and follow the basic steps of problem-analysing techniques. The steps involve obtaining facts, analysing them and then arriving at a decision based upon your observations. Most important, though, is that you must act upon the decision thus derived, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : A series of events at work front may keep you busy throughout the day. You may be unable to manage the clutter and confusion created by too many things at the same time. However, you emerge a fighter because of your power of resilience. Ganesha advises to go slow, yet steady; take one problem at a time and sort it out.

Sagittarius : Get ready to rule hearts today. Your thoughtful insights into other people’s psyche might just help you write a book on it! In the battleground of love, you will win over your sweetheart all over again, probably with a nice, slow dance coupled with a fantastic candlelit dinner.

Capricorn : By and large, your life today will be dull. But, there isn’t something unfavourable or negative about it, assures Ganesha, as the planetary movements signal a change, probably a positive one, happening in the near future. So, keep your chin up and get ready for a better tomorrow.

Aquarius : You will hit the bull’s eye, today. From the smallest to the biggest, all of your plans will turn into reality. Don’t get disheartened if there are some obstacles on your path; you are fully armed to face the challenges and come out triumphant. Get yourself in the top gear, you will surely succeed, says Ganesha.

Pisces : For those looking for a promotion at the work-place, now is the time to ask for it. Freelancers could find interesting projects falling into their laps. Businesses are likely to see a surge in profits. No conflicts in personal life are indicated. Overall, a progressive and pleasant day awaits, says Ganesha.


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